Energy efficient LED lamps

POWERTRONICS offers Enerlite series energy efficiency LED lamps, as replacement for high power sodium vapor lamps, and for home usage, in low power range. These are energy efficient LED lamps, with salient features of very low Power consumption, extremely long life of over 50,000 hours, very wide operating grid voltage, higher optical efficiency and instantaneous start, as compared to Sodium Vapour lamps.

Enerlite LED lights are clean, reliable and non-polluting light sources, and do not emit ultra violet rays. The Enerlite LED series are designed for all weather out door operation meeting IP-65 Standard. The following are the comparative operational features of our Enerlite series high Power LED lamps and Sodium vapour lamps.

Parameters HPSV Ener-Lite LED LAMP
Power Consumption Very High Low by over 70%
Operating Time < 10,000 Hrs > 50,000 Hrs
Operating Voltage 230V +/- 10% Wide 230V +10% /- 25%
Power Factor 0.5 0.98
Efficiency < 65 % > 85 %
Optical Efficiency Low High
Start up Slow Instant
Ener-Lite Range Equivalent MH Lamp Equivalent HPSV
EL-30 - 30W 70W 150W
EL-60 - 60W 150W > 250W
EL-90 - 90W 200W 300W
EL-120 - 120W 250W 400W