Multiple Remote Data Logger

Multiple Remote Data Logger / Monitor

In this scheme, a Data Logger along with DC Energy Meter / associated circuits and a GSM Modem with antenna is installed inside a PCU, and the measured values and parameters like DC Voltage, Current, KW, KWH battery charging status, fault status etc. are simultaneously displayed in PCU and transmitted via a GSM network using mobile connectivity (SIM card).

At the receiving end there is a Master GSM Modem whose serial port is connected to a remote PC, and at predetermined interval (programmable) a SMS (containing all the measured values and status is sent by the transmitting Modem, which on reaching the receiving Modem is converted into appropriate signal so as to be displayed in the Master PC, the received information is stored in PC's memory along with Date and Time stamping which can be retrieved and printed any time.

The Master PC can receives inputs from multiple PCU's (upto 100 Nos or more) simultaneously and Displays all the parameters of the PCU's.

Software provided is installed in the Master PC and all the settings can be configured here, this can then be transmitted to multiple Remote Loggers.