On Grid Solar Power Plant

Harnessing of non polluting renewable energy resources to control green house gases is receiving impetus from the government of India. The solar mission, which is part of the National Action Plan on Climate Change has been set up to promote the development and use of solar energy in for power generation and other uses with the ultimate objective of making solar energy competitive with fossil-based energy options. The On-Grid solar photovoltaic device systems for power generation had been deployed in the various parts in the country for saving electricity and some times in conjunction with diesel based generating stations.

MG Solar Powertronics are specialist in the above with MNRE Channel partnership, and have installed numerous power plants for Industries / Offices / Homes, etc which are functioning satisfactorily for last many years.


On-Grid Power Plants essentially comprises of:

  • Crystalline SPV Modules, approved by MNRE, with IEC 61215, IEC 61701
  • Module mounting structure as per MNRE norms.
  • High Efficiency Grid Tie Inverters – Complying IEC 61683, IEC 60068-2 (1, 2, 14, 30) as per MNRE Norm.
  • BOS like AJB, MJB, DCDB, ACDB, DC / AC Cables, etc.
  • Energy Monitoring digital meters for DC / AC side monitoring.
  • Protections against lighting by lightning arrestor, earthing rod, etc for safety and protection.


The system will meet in full MNRE specification with 20 years warranty for solar modules and 5 years warranty for the remaining. As Solar Power Plant Manufacturer / System Integrator, we will offer custom solutions as below:

  • Site Survey / Analysis – to ascertain the structural and electrical Requirment.
  • Custom Design of the roof top system as per the above analysis, with choice of module, PCU, etc.
  • Manufacture, Supply and installation of rooftop module, as per the design.
  • Installation of the PCU / Battery / DCDB / ACDB etc. with interconnections.
  • Commissioning of the power plant in time bound schedule.


The electricity generated by solar power plant will be continuously monitored / displayed in advanced digital meters, giving SPV voltage / Current / Power, Battery Voltage / Current and Output Voltage / Current / Unit Generated.

We have standard range of On-Grid Power Plants from 1 KVA to 250 KVA – Single / Three phase systems, meeting international standards.