Solar Maxx

MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Solar-Maxx Charge Controllers are State of the art Maximum Power Point Tracking system, which maximizes the solar output energy by operating the Solar Photo Voltaic Panel, at it Vmp (Volt at maximum power).

As against Conventional Charge Controllers, where the SPV output is dragged to Battery voltage under charging mode, Solar-Maxx ensures operation of SPV at levels where the panel will deliver the full rated power.


  • Continuous operation of the Solar Array at its maximum Power
  • Peak efficiency - 98%.
  • Automatic Float - Boost - Absorbtion mode, enhancing Battery life.
  • Auto-Load Cut-Off at Over Charge / Deep Discharge of Batteries.
  • Lightning / Surge protection.
  • Digital display of output Voltage / Current.



  • LCD display for Output KW, KW-H & AH.
  • RS-232 / 485 port for Communication to Computer.
  • Battery Temperature Compensation.
  • Data Logger.
  • Remote monitoring using GPRS / GSM.


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