Line Interactive Solar power Conditioning unit 0.2 - 20 KVA Sinewave Series

Today, Solar Power Plants with Solar-Lit Power Conditioning Unit have an important use in areas remote from an electricity grid where they provide power for water pumping, lighting, vaccine refrigeration, electrified livestock fencing, telecommunications and many other applications. With the global demand to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, PV technology is also gaining popularity as a mainstream form of electricity generation. Photovoltaic modules along with Solar-Lit Power Conditioning Unit provide an independent, reliable electrical power source at the point of use, making it particularly suited to remote locations.

MG Solar Powertronics offers Solar-Lit Power Conditioning Unit (PCU) for Solar Power Plants, comprising of State of the art High efficiency 3 rate, Mosfet / IGBT based intelligent PWM Solar Charge Controller (to charge the battery at the maximum power available from the Solar Panel) and a High efficiency Mosfet / IGBT based SPWM Sine-Wave Inverter, to run equipments like Computers, Machineries, Fans, Tubes, T.Vs, etc. Provision for Grid connection is given to charge the Battery in the event of No - Sun shine day. With a flip of a switch the PCU can be set as Grid or Solar priority system. This type of PCU’s can be used in as Standalone or Grid interactive mode.


Salient Features

  • Combined (Inverter + Solar Charge Controller) in a single enclosure.
  • High Efficiency Microprocessor based Mosfet / IGBT Inverters.
  • Pure Sine wave, with low distortion Output.
  • High Efficiency, intelligent 3 rate, Automatic PWM Solar Charge Controller.
  • Can be configured to operate as Solar On-Line, Standalone or Grid Interactive mode.
  • Deep Discharge and Over Charge Protection for Battery.
  • Over Load and Short Circuit Protection for Inverter.
  • Optional MCCB and MCB’s can be provided in the same enclosure.
  • Optional Meters / Data Loggers and Remote Monitor can be provided.
  • Widest range from 200W to 15KW in single phase configuration.