Powertronics Eco - Brite Solar powered street lights are stand alone, self powered, outdoor lighting options, and one reliable alternative to conventional lighting to provide light from dusk to dawn.
The systems uses the freely available SUN LIGHT during day time, to charge the battery through Solar Photo Voltaic module, and then automatically switches on a LED lamp, after sunset (through the battery), and switches off automatically at dawn.

The scheme consits of solar PV module, Battery, Luminaire with in-bult inverter and energy efficient LED lamp, etc. Moulded on sturdy structural support consisting of pole, weather proof battery box, mounting structure etc.

The sun energy is converted to DC electricity by PV module and keeps the battery on charge during day time, and lights-up the lamp in the night, with 3 no sun-shine n days autonomy provided

State of the art Microprocessor based Intelligent Charge Controller and dusk to dawn controller are provided.

Eco - Brite Solar street lighting lamps are robust, self contained and are easy to install with out needing costly wiring / cables.

Sr.No DETAILS Eco-Brite-1 Eco-Brite-2
1 SPV Panel rating Very High Low by over 70%
2 Tubular Battery rating 12V / 40 AH > 12V / 75 AH
3 Lamp 11 W LED 18 W / LED
4 Output light intensity 15 LUX @ 4 Mtrs 18 LUX @ 5 Mtrs
5 Dusk to down controller Provided Provided
6 Luminary degree of production IP-65 IP-65
7 Mode of charging PWM PWM
8 Efficiency 85% 85%
9 Pole 4 Mtrs. 5 Mtrs.
10 Indicators Charge ON & Low-Batt Charge ON & Low-Batt
11 Autonomy 2 Days 3 Days